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Asthmaboy "Wanderers"

FREE (or name your price) download of our new album "Wanderers" is available at the Bandcamp link below.

Our first album "Later Days" is also available for FREE download (or name your price).

Thank you for your support, and for listening!

Asthmaboy "Later Days"

If you haven't already, have a listen to our first album "Later Days" for free from our website We've had over 16,000 downloads since its release. Thank you to everyone who has emailed us about the next album, it's on the way! Also, this blog is currently being updated (ETA Feb) so soon we will be able to have comments, and other things.

Download Asthmaboy "Later Days" (64mb)

John in the studio

Rowing in circles, someone will point me to shore... Great words and funeral music bounce off the walls inside my head... I know you don't feel fine... The sun finds better places to make its shadows...Smart ways to fill space between the days... I know you don't feel fine... They can take it all away... I've seen far too much, page by page, dollar to pound... Catch the next flight... Your tucked away safe from harm... I know you don't feel fine...

Recording has begun.

John and I have begun the recording process for our next album. So far we have four songs in the process of being recorded. It's been a fun but stressful experience so far, I've been staying up nights trying to finalize song elements/words/etc. We're approaching the recording process differently from last time, the songs will get final touches simultaneously because of the way we intend to organize them. I'm really excited about this album's theme, which I'll save for a later explanation. Anyway, all the songs are written, we have around seventeen or so, though only 11 will make it for the album. Recording should be finished around October, then comes the fun part... mixing and mastering.

What's new? Plenty...

A+ has finally launched! It's been a long month, lots of hard work... I actually hand coded the whole site from scratch! There are still a few things I will be working on in the coming month, mainly backend stuff that will have no effect on how the site looks. What's new? Plenty... Along with an updated portfolio of my new work, I have created a brand new blog which will serve as a repository for any new work, and as a collection of design inspiration (with a focus on vintage design). I will be posting music related things too, new songs, album artwork, lyrics... this is the place to get it first. Hopefully I'll post a new song soon, but for now I am working on making the site code XHTML strict, and W3C valid. Pleave have a look at my portfolio, and drop me a line if you have any comments.

Zoom Halftone Image

As soon as April begins, I'm going to start posting a weekly image. This is part of a scanned image found in an old Life magazine. I scanned it at a high resolution and cropped only the mouth, then I manipulated the levels & contrast. This is Bobby Kennedy's mouth.

Old and Cropped

Here is another scanned and cropped image from a 1969 Life magazine. I scanned it at a high resolution and cropped it to the desired dimensions, then I manipulated the levels & contrast.